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US Indo-American Members Political Action Committee of Texas is a volunteer led non-profit, non-partisan, social welfare organization. None of the Members or Directors are paid or receive any earnings from or through the organization.

The PAC is Non-Partisan and works towards providing support to communities and upholding cultural values which are important to the Indian Community residing in US. The PAC also works towards educating the Indian Community on Candidates running for elective positions.

Segments of Society We Serve
  • People of Indian Origin legally living in US, irrespective of status

  • Social & Cultural Organizations (Connect & Support)

  • Youth (Cultural, Social & Civics Education)

  • Senior Citizens (Engage & Learn)

  • Women in need of support

  • Citizens and Future Citizens - interested in Civic Education

  • Citizens interested in running for Elective Office

Lending a Hand

​US IMPACT Team works closely with several organizations and individuals to collectively provide support and engagement with communities. Some of these organizations fall in the category of :

  • Religious Organizations

  • Social Organizations

  • Cultural Organizations

  • Professional Organizations and Individuals

  • Indian Language & Region based Organizations

  • Precinct Chairs (our stance is non-partisan)

  • City bodies such as Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, Parks & Recreation, Disaster Relief, Civic Engagement

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