US IMPACT PAC is a PAC and SuperPAC registered with FEC. We are a Conservative team with main agenda of helping build a strong relationship between US and India. 




Silver Card Patron

Gold Card Patron

$2800 / Election Cycle

Invites to State Level Conventions & Events

Invites to National Level Conventions & Events


Anything between $200 to $2800 / year

Invites to State Level Conventions & Events but a discounted fees may apply

$5000 / Election Cycle

Platinum Card Patron



To become a Patron, please contact one of our Chapter Presidents or Board of Directors. Do not give any cheque to any person who is not a Chapter President or a Board Member. 
You may drop an email to with a Subject line: 'Patron,'  for one of our Chapter Presidents or Board of Directors to reach out to you.

Please Note: US IMPACT PAC accepts Patron Contributions from US Citizens or Permanent Residents (GC) Only. Foreign Nationals should not be making any financial contribution at all. Patrons may opt to make a contribution online. The same can be done through the form below. However, we do urge you to drop a note to the email id mentioned above with a call back number. We will reach out to you and walk you through the process.

P.O. Box 1604, Frisco TX 75034
Phone: (469) 269 6468

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