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Political Outreach & Engagement

 At Ground Level:  

  • Maintain relationship with Political parties at Precinct level

  • Engage with political parties, understand the point of view of both parties

  • Engage with local political candidate running for various positions. Understand and evaluate how supporting any candidate may help the community

  • Conduct "Precinct Connect" in precincts having large population of people of Indian origin

  • Understand and educate the community on various legislation that are under consideration at State & Federal levels

  • Seek time at both the parties' County Executive Meetings (which is attended by all Precinct Chairs) to update them on concerns of Indian Community and how we can help develop communities

  • Identify potential leaders from Indian communities who could lead teams at Precinct and County levels

 At ISD, City & County Level:  

  • Maintain relationship with Political parties at City and County level

  • Build a contact database at Precinct, City and all 254 Counties of Texas

  • Identify potential leaders of Indian origin to run for ISDs Board of Trustees, City Council and other Elected positions

 At State & Federal Level:  

  • Maintain relationship with all State Elected officials 

  • Maintain relationship with all Federal Elected officials

  • Promote the Bi-Partisan "Senate India Caucus" & "Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans" along with it's members

  • Create Indian Community centric awareness with all elected officials

  • Bringing in all elected officials Indian origin within Texas under US IMPACT Political Outreach working Committee